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Davis Quail Hunts is owned and operated by Colvin and Mazie Davis. Elected to the Field Trial Hall of Fame in 2006, Colvin has trained and handled bird dogs for nearly 50 years. He has been quail hunting all his life. Mazie, has 35 years of quail and turkey hunting experience under her belt. Together their vast knowledge and experience make them the perfect team to organize and guide your successful quail hunt. The expansive and diverse Davis Quail Hunts grounds have been used to develop many a field trial champion including 1991 National Field Trial Champion, Quicksilver Pink!

What makes Davis Quail Hunts so special? Colvin, Mazie and the entire DQH staff know it’s not just great quail hunting that matters. Their guests come for the total experience, including true southern hospitality! It’s why they make every effort to take care of all the details, from meticulously maintaining their grounds to tinkering with dinner recipes, until everything is just the way they like it: perfect!

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